Digital Signage | Tablet Point-of-Sale Solutions
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Tablet Point-of-Sale Solutions

Tablet Point of Sale Solutions.

Integrating tablet computer solutions with point-of-sale systems is the next step in customer management for restaurants, retail and hospitality. The POS systems of the past were bulky and expensive. Advances in technology now enable restaurant and retail owners to efficiently manage workflow using either an Apple iPad or Google Android tablet computer.


Traditional point-of-sale solutions are clunky and expensive. By updating your POS system you will not only receive the benefits of an enhanced solution, but it will come nicely packaged at a price that is inviting. Doing away with that old clunky system may be the best thing you ever did.


Because the system uses an intuitive interfaced based on the latest tablet technology, it does not take a rocket scientist to be able to operate the touch-screen tablet POS system. In fact, we have made the solution to be plug-n-play, giving staff and customers a more seamless experience. In addition, system works via a wireless connection. This means you are free to have your host or hostess take orders and rearrange seating for guests on the fly, from anywhere in the building.

Manage your system online through our cloud-based interface to take advantage of remote editing and controlling capabilities for your venue. Feel free to edit the layout of the restaurant, the restaurant menu itself and other administrative items remotely.

Integrated with our unique digital menu system, your point-of-sale solution can also be programmed to interact with a number of tablet computers all ordering items simultaneously. Think of it as a streamlined approach to managing your business with ease.