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Deploid Content Manager software is one of the major elements of the broad Deploid Signage System. Central management of Deploid signage appliances is performed by Deploid Content Manager’s web-based software as media players, and through playlists the design and distribution of an extensive range of multi-media file formats is automated. A central database stores the playlists that have set schedules for delivery to the system of signage displays.  Utilizing protocols and standard file formats Deploid Content Manager assembles the message to be played, schedules, and delivers for dynamic playback through a linked group of appliances.

Main Elements

Deploid Content Manger contains complete system administration functions and various progressive features like advanced billing reports, email notifications , reporting, urgent notification casts, scheduling with manager execution approval, media playlists, single line ticker functions, multimedia file setup and import, and device grouping.

Web-based Browser Interface

  • Functions easily in any location and time
  • Appropriate for business travelers and multi-national users
  • Central supervision, innate


Auto Recovery

  • Continued playback schedule through automatic software restart
  • Required schedule or content automatically reloads
  • Removes automatically low-priory or expired content to go on with new content

Media Library

  • Multimedia files importation and organization
  • Supports an array of digital multimedia formats: PowerPoint, URL , image, audio, Flash, video and HTML
  • Batch Upload- lower recurring, time-expending work


Send to Player for Preview and/or Playback

  • Preview any media file
  • Preview any scheduled playlist
  • Preview Player results
  • What’s currently playing on any Deploid Signage Player can be captured with real-time snapshot
  • When Deploid Signage is idle screen switches off
  • Power supervision planning for every Deploid Signage Player

Groups and Players

  • Segregate Deploid Signage Players by criteria such as area location
  • Network segmentation option into clusters for simpler Deploid Player settings, scheduling, and other aspects
  • Deploid Edge Servers support to enhance download performance inside a substantial network of Deploid Signage Players
  • Produce query reports for particular time slots and groups

Account Management and Approval System

  • System administration capable of different authority levels assignment and accounts management


  • Account supervision, urgent casts publishing, schedule approving, receiving of player malfunction SMS alert or email

Normal User

  • Supervision of media files and playlists, send schedule publishing request


  • Innate search and read with graphical calendar interface
  • Set duration, recurrence and start time with highly developed editing for each playlist
  • Downloadable published schedule, and playable at designated site
  • Fix a particular time widow for scheduled download

Multiple Zones

  • Up to 8 zones split display
  • Drag desired location and size and quick buttons for new zones creation
  • Change order and overlap of zones


  • Ticker zone creation of any extent wherever within a template
  • Media content aside from on-line scrolling text disclosure
  • Via a RSS feed provides real-time information and static text
  • Real-time information or static text ticker over a RSS URL link
  • Color, font, location and speed of ticker is modifiable


  • Comprehensive record of player playback results check and review
  • Report savable as CSV format,  read/export to other database use for billing intentions

Preset and Customize your Template

  • Rapidly use layout design with built-in templates; option of 16 Portrait and Landscape preset templates; 16:9 and 4:3 display screens
  • Produce layout and store as template,  zone insertions and attribute setting one at a time

Playlist Editing

  • Revise Playlist based on layout template
  • Fix media list for every specific zone
  • Generate a Combolist to connect or set in multiple playlists for faster/simpler program repeat adjustments
  • Urgent cast messages preloaded to signage player for instant playback when conditions require

Real-time Video

  • Video Input (Analogy RCA Video or Analog S-Video) integrated into zone ( available currently for SA2000   only)

Remotely Launch Embedded Executable Programs (.exe)

  • Preinstalled programs and/or Java program on the signage appliance can be executed through remote launch

Deploid Offline USB Update Tool

  • Revise Playlist based on layout template
  • Establish media list for every unique zone