Digital Signage | Retail Digital Signage
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Retail Digital Signage

Keep Customers Informed

Retail owners and managers know that certain times of year are peak times for shopping and promotions—such as the holidays. However, many retailers also promote other sales and events during off-peak times of the year in order to generate more exposure and boost sales. But all too often these promotions and announcements go unnoticed. Well, why not boost these announcements with digital displays and signage? Customers are more likely to be drawn to large digital displays, which are a much easier way to communicate and keep customers informed on promotions, sales, events, and specials.

Upgrade the Upsell

Retailers that rely on sales also look for other upsell opportunities. Why not upgrade your upselling with digital signage? Retailers can use digital signage to promote sales and other specials that customers will not only easily notice but they can also share via social media, broadcasting your message and doing your marketing for you.

Social + Interaction

Social media is good and bad. It’s a great way for businesses to connect and engage with customers. In fact, social media helps boost business’ brands, images, and is a proven successful marketing strategy. On the other hand, social media has its down falls—and can get out of control. But with digital signage, you can remain in control because YOU can control what you put on the screen. You have the ability to display funny images, compelling messages, and dynamic content—and “share” these messages with customers on their phones.

Central Control

If you manage content in more than one retail location, did you know that you can control each location’s content and message through digital signage? By having access to our user-friendly digital dashboard, you can instantly create, update, and send messages to each location and can even control which location receives which message, optimizing your marketing.

News & Sports

Everyone wants to-the-minute updates on their favorite sports and teams. While most customers will get these updates on their phones, now businesses can use digital signage to provide these updates and even stream videos, interviews, and replays from customers’ favorite games. This will enhance your customers’ experiences and make their visit to your retail location that much more enjoyable. Retailers can also strategically place their digital displays in areas of their store that highlights a certain item, piece of clothing, or other product that will grab customers’ attention.