Digital Signage | Restaurant Digital Menu Boards
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Restaurant Digital Menu Boards


An effective digital menu strategy for restaurants, bars and clubs.

Restaurants are one of the most common places we see digital signage today. This is because digital menu boards are dominating the restaurant industry. Digital menu boards allow for patrons and customers to look at their food choices, see what the specials are for the day, and even see delicious and tasty images of their favorite cheeseburger or cocktail—ultimately influencing their entrée decision. It’s also safe to say that maybe your customers had another restaurant in mind earlier in the day, however, after being “grabbed” by your restaurant’s digital menu board and advertisements, how could they say no?

Why do digital menu boards work so well? This is because customers and patrons who use a digital menu board to make their food choice are enjoying the interactive, touch-screen usability and functionality, allowing them to customize their selections all while enhancing their experience. Restaurants can easily adjust menu items according to season and even showcase promotions and other attractive data such as nutritional information.

Restaurant owners and managers love the flexibility and convenience of digital signage. They are easily able to make spontaneous updates on digital boards that are also instantaneous. The flexibility and ability to switch up menu items, promotions, or even change the “flavor of the day” can be done in a snap. You can also communicate your digital display items with other stores and locations, optimizing and opening communication.


Electronic menus give business owners greater control over communications with their customers.


The high-impact images and messages on your new digital menu board (whether you place them in your restaurant lobby or on a display behind the counter) will increase sales and reduce extra costs, such as static signage and printing. Your guests’ experience at your establishment will be greatly enhanced, regardless of location or business type.



Some of the most well-loved restaurants are already reaping the benefits of wonderfully designed digital menu boards. Burger King is one of them, having been able to increase their sales by over 60% after installing them! Data sharing was a feature that owners at places like Wendy’s International found very helpful. Taco Bell utilizes the digital displays to increase sales as well, along with McDonalds, a restaurant that always has menu price changes and random specials many times during the year. For example, the McRib sandwich is an item that is not permanent on the menu year round. But, when the owners decide to bring it back every year, it sure does look delicious up on that wide screen, and can possibly make a customer want to buy one – even if originally they just wanted a Big Mac!

An important element in the customer’s journey today is the ability for a business to get their name, brand, and image in the customer’s face. And with food, that’s easy to do! This is another reason why digital signage has proven so successful to restaurants. It’s easy to use digital signage to promote images of their favorite dishes, making customers salivate. Customers will eagerly stand in line in front of the counter or awaiting a booth in your dining room all while watching the vivid, tempting, and delicious images your location prominently displays.