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Hotel & Hospitality

Visual Venue

You can’t picture entertainment without visual advertisements. Captivating and exhilarating digital displays are where it’s at. Your business’s new digital signage combined with your marketing strategy spells success. Your marketing team is now armed with numerous options to get your advertising message in front of customers’ faces. Stream video, display images, and showcase compelling, rich content with digital signage, piquing your customers’ interests and influencing their purchase decisions—and in a moment’s notice.

One Network, Multiple Locations

Those who are new to digital signage might find it overwhelming, confusing, or even expensive. Let us put these myths to rest. Digital signage is easily manipulated and controlled from a user-friendly dashboard that is available in a snap. Our state-of-the-art technology leads the industry and puts businesses on the map. From movie theaters to concert venues to sports arenas, digital signage is everywhere—and all managed from one central location.

Innovative Interaction

Touch screens today are just about everywhere. From restaurants to airports to arcades to casinos, touch screens are just about everywhere. Touch screens not only give businesses the ability to connect with their customers through showcasing options, they also enable the user to enable the user to participate in surveys, choose options, and customize their own experiences.

Size Matters

Big events, such as basketball games, concerts, and other shows, attract hundreds and even thousands of people. But what happens when you need to get a message across to all those people? Keep your audiences and customers informed by providing real-time updates on large digital boards and screens—from weather conditions to schedule and show time changes to emergency messages. These brightly-lit displays and signs are also a great way to advertise food and drink vendors.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Managing time-sensitive material and information is crucial in big-arena events such as concerts and games. What better way to broadcast and manage this information and communications than via digital signage? Digital signage is the perfect method of reaching thousands of people in the event you need to inform them of schedule changes. Instantly update screen information in your establishment to get the word out…and stay ahead of the game.