Digital Signage | Healthcare
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Healthcare & Medical

Digital signage for hospitals, emergency rooms, dental offices and other healthcare facilities

Digital Directories

Is there anything more confusing and frustrating than trying to find your way through a hospital? Patients and visitors are often nervous or stressed when visiting a hospital. One way you can make their lives easier is by digital signage. How? Post maps and even wayfinding information on your digital displays in order to help patients, visitors, and even staff members find their way. You can also display information of specific physicians and departments to help make their visitors easier.

Effective Experience

Sitting in a hospital waiting room can seem endless. Why not liven a visitor or patient’s experience by mounting digital displays? You can post information on the hospital such as directories, locations, local news, weather, and even the latest and hottest YouTube video to make their visit and wait more pleasant.

Staying Current

There is a ton of news surrounding health care. Keep patients and visitors updated with the latest health care trends by displaying them as a “news feed” on your digital signage.

Weather the Weather

Feeling under the weather? Keep patients and visitors updated by displaying weather updates on your digital signage. Wind, rain, a hurricane? Digital signage can tell patients and visitors when they need an umbrella while traveling to and from the hospital. They will thank you for it.

Simple Connectivity

No matter where we go today, we are constantly looking for two things: a phone-charging station and a WiFi signal—especially if they will be in your facility for quite some time. Use your digital display around your hospital or office and display your website as well as WiFi hotspot areas. The graphics and display will not only will this help your visitors’ experiences, it’s also a great way to show off your business.