Digital Signage | Digital Signs for Education
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High School, Colleges & Universities

We already provide digital signage to over 50 colleges and universities. Let us help you make an impact to your audience.

High Quality, High Traffic

Digital signage works best in high-traffic areas. By featuring news, events, weather forecasts and update, and other announcements, audiences will surely gather, linger, and admire the digital displays. Get your message out to your audience instantly through digital signage.

College Life

What are students’ favorite place to hang out on campus? Probably the dorm. This is also where students mingle and communicate with one another, so why not mount digital displays as they walk by in conversation? Displayed messages will surely catch students’ attention and they will likely then pass on that message and information to roommates, classmates, and friends, and even share that message on social media.

Emergency Alerts

No one likes to think about emergency situations, but they happen. The best way to deal with emergencies is to be prepared and practice open communication. Schools can easily communicate with its student body, staff, and faculty members by displaying messages on large digital boards positioned throughout campuses. Additionally, our software comes equipped with delivery capabilities so you can instantly send messages through our “Emergency Alerts” feature.

Digital Menus

Next to hanging out in the dorm, the second place students spend most of their time is in the food court or café. So why not display digital signage there, too? They can display menus for the day, week, and even at specific times. Food service companies can also advertise promotions and nutritional information that is easily seen by students and staff.