Digital Signage | Corporate Communications
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Corporate Communications

Simple Social Media

Social media is where it’s at today. In fact, businesses will be focusing more of their resources on social media marketing in 2016. What about your business? What is your current position on social media marketing and how can you use digital signage to boost it? In addition to marketing, digital signage can also help spread corporate communications internally to employees. And they, in turn, can broadcast and “share” that message via social media. Simple.

Stay Informed

Even the top executive needs a break from the day-to-day grind. Corporate digital signage serves to do just that. By displaying ESPN highlights, weather updates, popular media, and news, this will help your executives and your staff to take a load off from work. Remember, all work and no play isn’t good—especially for morale. Give your staff a quick break and give them something fun to talk about.

Creative Captivation

In order to connect and stay in touch with your staff, install digital display boards in board rooms, conference rooms, and hallways to broadcast corporate updates, information, motivational quotes and images, and even new deals! Executives can get creative with communicating messages across the office, stimulating and captivating staff members.

Advanced Tools

Digital signage does more than serves as a fancy display. There are also a number of advanced tools and features available. Display schedules, updates, announcements, and any changes taking place. For example, many administrative professionals and executives use digital signage to display staff directories and it is super easy to update phone numbers, schedules, office numbers, and who is in and out of the office.

Showcase Growth

Gone are the days when companies would keep corporate growth, events, and other happenings a secret. Companies who choose to share their growth patterns and numbers with staff members are more successful. This is because this makes staff members feel valued and a part of a true team, which ultimately boosts morale and productivity. Executives can easily access the user-friendly dashboard to make instant and live updates, pull in data from spreadsheets, and easily display this on screen. Make your staff feel part of a team with digital signage.