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Full Project Integration

We provide solutions from the planning & design stages through complete

installation, integration and on-going management.


    We start with the detailed project plan outlining short and long-term goals with an eye on rapid ROI.


    Complete & impacting content creation & design strategy to match the robustness of your commercial hardware.


    Software customization for touchscreen interactivity and Internet-of-Things integration across your network.


    Complete project integration & installation services for the most complex digital projects.


    On-going screen hardware, software and content management services to ensure investment longevity.

Enterprise Solutions

Expert solutions for some of the most complex digital signage projects.

Thank you for visiting. Here at we provide expert consulting services for digital signage, digital out-of-home and digital media integration project installations around the world. Here are a few reasons, we think we’re the best at what we do.

  • Our software is top-notch. It’s on-par or better than comparable solutions on the market. When you’re available for a live demo, let us know. We’re convinced you’ll be impressed.
  • Our strategy is proven. We don’t do anything in our own company unless we can see a positive ROI. When drafting a deployment strategy for our clients, we operate with the same discipline: we work toward the most rapid investment returns possible.
  • We’re experienced. We have thousands of “active nodes” in the field from Bangkok to Britain. We’re helped with some very exciting and very confidential.
  • We’re affordable. Our open platform means software licenses don’t cost you your firstborn. While our consulting advice doesn’t come free, we ensure any work we perform is done at the level of quality you expect from an enterprise offering.
  • We’re profitable. Ask your consultant or software provider to give you access to financial data for the last five years. Unless their under Sony or Dell, they may not live up to the hype and may not be around forever. We’re privately held, not run by VC money and profitable.

is an international supplier of software and hardware for digital signage installations. We participate in the unification of customers, display screen owners, and advertisers for out-of-home technology deployments. Digital signage technology provides an outstanding choice for contact and interaction between customers, employees and clientele. The company’s primary outlook is the success of its customers, resellers and partners. carries this out with appropriate product development, advanced hardware design and manufacturing, and dedicated assistance to our clients.

  • Up-and-running in quickly. All our digital signage products are easy to deploy and use.
  • Software updates. Every digital signage player and server appliance comes backed by automatic features updates which ensure continuous operation and up-to-the-minute functionality.
  • No expertise required. All sign products feature highly-intuitive controls which ensure easy access and smooth control regardless of whether or not your display manager has an IT background or not.
  • Technical support. Specially trained support technicians are available to answer customer calls and provide superior support.
  • Licensing offers a variety of licensing options to accommodate your budget, making it the most affordable digital signage solutions available. offers state-of-the-art digital signage products, exceptional partner and reseller

programs and engaging and effective customer service. Organizations that deploy digital signage networks of all types rely on

Our product portfolio includes a variety of digital signage players and servers specifically designed to fit your particular needs. Combining its own advanced technology with powerful, software, delivers an easy to use and comprehensive digital signage solution to support small, medium and enterprise digital signage networks. The digital signage server backend allows you to manage large digital signage networks and provide departments or 3rd party companies, like advertisers or location owners, to interact with your digital signage network.

Getting it right in digital signage is so much more than software. At the end of the day the software is nothing more than a reliable commodity. With thousands of active successful screens, we know our software delivers. It’s the strategy, integration, project planning and content issues that cause most deployments to fail. That’s where we come in.